Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve & protect the Dole Mansion and Lakeside Arts Park property for community use in a natural & historic setting.

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Honoring the Legacy

Thank you for helping to build a firm foundation for the arts.
In 2020 there will be an art installation piece in the Hallway of History off the Sage Gallery for the Friends of the Dole.

Mingus Family
The Reupert Family - Roger, Olga, Aleks & Luke
Susan Hooker
Jim & Joan hasselman
Stephen Barnett
Robert Kay & Sarah Wirth
Lee Mingus
Scott & Jill Munger
Alexandria Saldan
Phil & Tony's Pizza - EST 1992 C.L.
Chipping Away The Stone - Gratefully KAR
Elizabeth Ritt
The Wedgewood Garden Club Dedicated to beautifying our surroundings
Vernon Hills, IL. McHenry County
Morgan, Elle, Annie, Maddie Fox
D. James Oerkfitz
Sarah, Gene & Alex Schrempf
Ed & Karen Beckstrom Family
Adriana Saldan
Ken & Ethel Pearson
Jimmy'z Masonry Corporation
The Cannizzo Family
The Jenkins Family
The Liberati Family
wed at the Dole Mansion - September 17th 2016
Art & Bonnie Beck
KING'S FLOORING - The King Family
Endless Dreams
The Mula Family
Accumation, Inc.
In memory of William Groden
Viniie and Anthony Foglia
Michael Susan
Gerry Grennan
The Bruksch Family
Bob & Terry Davis
The Stray Family
Vixtoria Saldan
With Love Edward & Helen Pozniak
In Memory of Frank & Helen Turek
Spirit Freed, February 2000
Mchenry Heating & Air, Inc. - Rogulic Family
Linda Corteen and Family
David & Donna Matthiesen and Family
The Veugelers - Kyle, Matt & Zach
In Honor of Chuck Miller - Gratefully DKR
Neal F. Noga
MJ Towne & Family
Steven, Alex, Lizette - 6/6/2006
Bernard & Sofia Mansolf Family
The McNallys
Crystal Lake Bank & Trust Co.
Bill & Pat Moll and Samantha Septr
Dan & Jillian Laumbacher
Granny Fanny
Brandes Family
Lori Kiergaard
The Patterson Family
The Leahy Family
Brinckmann Family Foundation
In Memory of Nancy Hanrahan
Louis & Claudia Legare In Honored Memory
Jon L. Cowlin Family
Zegarski Family
Craig & Georgi Rand
Bill and gerry Cowlin
John & Connie Tyrrell Family
Dennis and Catherine Breitholtz
In Memory of Nancy Ashcraft
Mayor & Mrs. Roger Byrne
Chuck & Eileen Stevens
The Nakamuras
The LeCoque Family
The Chain Family - Scott, Tracey & Bob
In Honor of Joe & Donna, Joe, Angie & Alyssa Vestal
Roger Adler May his memory be eternal
The Balasi Family
J.W. Concrete - Jeremy Worden
The Surhoff Family
The Rinn Family
Tom & Lyn Cablk
Frank J. & Kathy Powell
Embrace Your Art
Keenan, Corban & Cavanagh Murphy
Bruksch Family
Katie, Jenny and Ashleigh Mauro
John & Carrie Murphy Family
Honoring U.S. Service Members
Friend-Jones Family
The Kryc Family
In Memory of Erica R. Schilling
Horizon Landscaping Supplies - Steve O'Neil, Yard Manager
Alexian Brothers - Hospital Network
DuWayne Sheldon Family
Friendship House
Stewart & Barbara Laphan
Jim & Katie Coughlin
Ron & Nancy Russell
Johnny loves Connie
Maggie and Callie Nelson
In Memory of Donald M. Schleifer, M.D.
Fred & Leona Conforti - In Memory of Ronald Zegarski
Federal Credit Union
Alison Jakob Howey
In Memory of Jim & Joy Myers
Sadie Gavle
Gerry & Joyce Jablonski
Kay Johnston
The Fergus'
The Heislers - Jim & Rebecca
The Friendship of Joe & Mr. Shrimp
Mike Chakoian
Murray Crabtree
Centegra Health System
Jon Russell
Debra & Daniel Rubinger
The Legare Family - Tom, Terry, Justin & Kevin
Elyse Roberts
The Dreimann Family
The Layer Family
James Hooker
Universal Contractor's Group
Builders Insulation
The King Family
Kyle Phillips - Freak'n Rocks
Dean and Lynda Mauro
The Neighborhood Kids
Josh & Ravelle - May 25, 2013
Donated by Bill & Maxine Matthai - Friends of the Dole
Frank & Karen Dombrowski
Dane & Katie burau - October 7, 2017
Bruce Woolley
The Lenhards
Bill & Joyce Dwyer
Biris Ltd - Dino & Dorothy Biris
Kathleen Etten
Gary & Lynn Overbay
Aaron, Regan, Madison and Chase Shepley
Alic Barnett
Ann Bentz
Rosulek Family
In Memory of Stan Jablonski
Georgia Hayden
Vera Lewis
Mary Sherman for Roger, Jeff, and Tammy
Marion & Paul Neiswander
Jim & Sandy Meyer
Home State Bank
Langefeld Family
Greg Kowalczyk
Greg & Lori Keller - Melissa, Caroline & Alison
The Benoy Family - Oxgord Lane
The Fellers Family - Jim, Alice, and Henry
Brad & Sarah Heldt
The Wheelers - John & Antoinette
In Memory of Frank Mariani
Classic Events
Carpe Diem - The Little Family
The Barton Family - Bob, Deb, Robby, and Joey
Aaron Shepley - Mayor of Crystal Lake, IL
Thank You! Mr. Rainmaker and Mrs. Director of Design
Paul D. Keller - Windham NH
In Memory of John Costello
Kym Affinito
Bob & Candy Reedy
Christa Moders
The Summers Academy of Dance
The Bird Family - David & Sally
Walkup Family
The Daniel Arndt Family
Laura J. Smith 8/1950 - 10/2017 Love & Laughter
Ryan Family Ken, Mary, Nora & Teagan
Bob and Connie Frerichs
Randy, Karin & Chelsea Moan
The Kruse Family
Chip & Karen - Whitman Family
With Love For Alison Anne
Tess, Hannah & Nellie Tyrrell Children of John & Connie Tyrrell
Scott & Lauren - Martin Family
Nicholas Family
L&V Distributors, Inc.
Director of Parks & Recreation 1954-71 / 1976-85
In Memory of Lenora Stuck
In Memory of Selma & Oscar Bergland by Carol & Geroge Stupar & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Gould & Family
Crystal Lake Rowing Club
J. Cowlin Family
Jeff and Susie Fox
Jon & Merrily Stout
The Callahan Family - Max, Beth, Avery, Abby
My Three Sons - Ryan, Adam & Kyle
Dr. Jill howe - Dynamic health
Diane Ryan Pfeiffer
In Memory of Douglas McCall From Your Loving Family
Michael and Julia Herman
In Memory of Carl Wehde
Rick Thompson
Dave Dawn Courtney & Curt Kiolbassa
MasterCut - Dirk Bantin
In Memory of Vivian & George Stupar by Carol & Geroge Stupar & Family
Michael & Cheryl Sullivan
Bill & Jane Franz
Alexeandra Saldan
Tweeten Bros.
Dan Johnson
Vanessa, Toby & Zeus 2005
Dugar Family - Taxi Express
Joan & Wayne Macklin
Vanessa & Toby Lydic
The Ormsby Family
The Rand Family - Craig, Georgi Rachel & Austin
B. Blazier Famiy
District 32 State Senator Pamela Althoff
Jeff Fox Family
Joe B. & Donna Vestal
In Loving Memory F. Benson Deardoff M.D.
Connor James LeCoque
St. Mary's Minor Seminary In Memory of the Class of 1968 - Pax et Bonum
Zoe Affinito
Zanck, Coen & Wright Attorney's At Law
John & Marilyn Gillespie
Phil & Marion Weyna
Joan & Jerry Fielding In honor of their grandchildren
The Riegler Family
The Dooley Family
Shari Chakoian
Zubrzycki's Warsaw Inn
The Augustine Family
Chris, Sarah, Mike & Matt
Kristin Miller
In Honor of Raymond Suchy
The Roberts Family - Ted, Debra, Lucie & Nate
The Cullian Family
The Wolskis - Rich, Frank, & Dave
Polly Crandall - Questers
Chuck & Mary Ougheltree
Nelson Family Ringling Road
The Keller's
Snelton Inc.
Brett & Cristy
The Beu Family
Len & Carol Larsen
Robert Gray - Paula Dorian-Gray
Bill & Bev Limbach
The Cottone Family
Bob & Liz, Torrie, Tom, Bri, Behrens
Kay Wirth Realtor
Bob and Jeri Fleck
The Rosulek Family
In Memory of Bruce G. Colthurst, DDS
Gullick Studio - Johanna Yoder
Betty and Bernie Boyle
McHenry Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Crystal Lake cancels 2020 Lakeside Festival

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4th Fridays event grows into an ‘art experience’ in Crystal Lake

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