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We’re looking for people who love gardening and everything green to help preserve and protect our beautiful property. Volunteers would help assist with watering, weeding, planting flowers, and much more.

The Dole volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do; they bring our mission and vision to life!

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Thank you to our supporters who are preserving our beautiful 12 acres.

Over the 400 years of the Grand Old Oak Tree’s life, many families and community members have taken shade under it for different events, including Mary Florence’s wedding, many country club gatherings, Lakeside Festival, Music under the Trees, and countless family and community gatherings, yoga, Tai Chi and more.

The last few years of drought and severe weather, combined with old age, have taken its toll on the grand old tree. Last fall, an inspection of the tree with a local company, FJR Tree, justified our fears that the tree did not look healthy. The staff at FJR Tree are licensed and certified ISA arborists. The Dole’s Building and Grounds staff carefully followed instructions from FJR on how to care for the tree, including regular watering. Unfortunately, subsequent inspections this spring proved that we could not save our grand old oak, despite our best efforts. It lived for over 200 years on our beautiful property, surrounded by our wonderful Crystal Lake and Lakewood communities.

We will continue to communicate with the public about the status of the Grand Old Oak tree stump and pieces of the limbs that are being stored and dried by FJR. We are continually caring for the remaining oaks, other tree varieties, and the many garden beds throughout our lawns. This summer many generous businesses and individuals have joined in the efforts of protecting and preserving our property. We can’t thank them enough for the dedication, knowledge, and services that they are providing.

A special thanks to Doreen Orist and her family for the countless hours they have spent helping tend to the oaks and grounds as well as educating the public during our Farmers Market about the trees. We also want to thank several businesses that have donated services and equipment including FJR Tree Inc., Western Tree Equipment & Repairs, Rieke Tree Service, Hoffman Stump Grinding, STIHL, Sherrill Tree, Heisler Bootery, Jesse Roewer, and Ron & Doreen Orist.

We also want to thank members of the Countryside Garden Club that are cleaning and planting gardens at the Dole as well as their contributions of plants.

We are grateful for those who have joined us in protecting our 12-acres. If you are interested in contributing to ensure the preservation of the property, please consider a donation below. If you can give time and talent or are associated with a company that can contribute services please fill out our volunteer form.

Lakeside Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization home to the Historic Dole Mansion and Arts Park. We thrive on the generosity of the community, hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Donating to this fund is specifically designated to the grounds at the Dole to ensure constant tender loving care of not just the Oak Trees but the entire property. Thank you for considering a contribution to protecting and preserving this property for generations to come.

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Jesse Roewer Ron & Doreen Orist