We welcome guests of all abilities to attend and enjoy Lakeside Festival. To make your visit more pleasant, please be aware of the following information regarding the accessibility of our grounds,
facilities, and attractions.

Lakeside Festival Accessibility Information

Festival Grounds: The Festival grounds are primarily grass, and our Carnival midway and rides are entirely on grass. There are paved sidewalks around the perimeter of the Festival and at some of the
main Festival entrances.

Restrooms: We have accessible restroom facilities in three locations. Please see a Lakeside Festival Volunteer or Staff Member for assistance locating the facility.

Festival Entrances: There are two paved entrances to Lakeside Festival from Country Club Road: Lake Entrance and Food Court Entrance. Upon entering, you will find the grounds are primarily grass with limited pavement.

Wheelchairs/Mobility Assistance: Wheelchairs, motorized chairs, walkers, and other mobility assistance equipment are allowed within the Lakeside Festival grounds. Wheelchair or other equipment rental is not available, and transportation is not provided by Lakeside Legacy Foundation or Lakeside Festival within the Festival grounds.

Parking: A Handicap Parking Lot for patrons with valid handicap placards, plates, and/or permits is available off Ringling Road, east of the Main Stage. Guests are encouraged to follow the sidewalk from Ringling Road to the Lake Entrance.

Service Animals: Service animals are allowed in the Lakeside Festival grounds; however, this does not include emotional support animals or companion animals. Service animals must have proper
identification and be on a leash at all times while within the Festival or Carnival grounds. Thank you for considering Lakeside Festival for your 4th of July weekend!