Crystal Lake Mayor declares Joe Diamond Day

In mid-November, Crystal Lake Mayor Haig Haleblian stopped by the Dole Mansion this week to present the “America’s Greatest Mind Reader” award to the resident artist, Joe Diamond.

At the City Council meeting, Mayor Haleblian made a Mayoral Proclamation declaring November 16th, 2021 “Joe Diamond Day”.

“To get recognized by my hometown is an honor,” said Diamond. “The fact that I’ve grown up in Crystal Lake my whole life and I’ve been able to make a living here as a performing artist in a historical building like the Dole Mansion, it’s a dream come true.”

Mayor Haleblian had only seen Joe Diamond perform a mind-reading over ZOOM for his employees. After giving Diamond his award, he got to experience mind-reading first hand. After having Mayor Haleblian make a secret drawing & hide it in his wallet, Diamond was able to divine and duplicate the drawing with near 100% accuracy. As they compare the two line drawings of cars, Mayor Haleblian quipped, “That’s amazing! You should come to my next meeting and predict what we’ll be voting on!”

You can see the video of Diamond proving his mind-reading prowess at

Joe Diamond, 34, has accomplished a lot in his career as a mystery artist. He solved the Richardson Corn Maze Blindfolded, Hacked the Pentagon using only his mind, appeared on TV, and even Netflix.

For five years he has been performing his show MYSTIC in his artist studio at the Dole Mansion. It seats 13 guests at a time so everyone has a chance to be a part of the mind-reading & magical mysticism. It consistently sells out and has been named one of the BEST OF THE FOX for “Watch Live Theatre” for the last four years.

This last year he appeared on the infamous radio show/podcast Coast to Coast AM, and that apparently caught the attention of the International Psychic Association. They are a private/secret organization of the world’s top mystic practitioners, magicians, psychic entertainers, and hypnotists. They have no website or public contact information. You have to be contacted in order to be awarded or become a member.

They bestowed upon Joe Diamond the title of “America’s Greatest Mind Reader” for 2022.

The award is currently on display in the lobby of the Dole Mansion, 401 Country Club Rd. in Crystal Lake and can be viewed Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm.

You can read the full cover story on Joe Diamond in Pro Psychic Magazine at

To see Joe Diamond perform and to buy tickets to his weekly show visit