Jody Fields

Business & Accounting Manager

Phone: 815.455.800 ext 102

I like the arts because I’ve always been drawn to creative people.  Expression through the arts is what makes life interesting, in my opinion. Music is my passion, and singing is what makes me the happiest.


I love The Dole for what it brings to the community. Using my administrative and organizational skills in a way that supports the arts makes me feel good.  Being around wonderfully creative and talented people – that’s the icing on the cake!

Dennis Barszcz

Building & Grounds Manager

Phone: 815.455.800 ext 101

I like the arts because you get to experience the artistic and unique talents of many passionate individuals.


I love The Dole because it’s a remarkable place that everyone can observe and share the work of many creative and wonderful people. I really enjoy taking care of this building and being a part of this special place!

Patty Bell

Marketing Manager

Phone: 815.455.800 ext 106