After laying vacant for several years, the property was sold in 1922 to the Lake Development Company. The transaction involved nearly half a million dollars. Mrs. Al “Lou” Ringling was one of the principal investors and Vice President of the Lake Development Company. She was the widow of the oldest Ringling Brother of circus fame.

The mansion was rejuvenated. The huge annex was constructed (now called Lakeside Arts Park), and thus the property was converted into the first Crystal Lake Country Club. Membership costed $35 per year. The club and annex included 44 bedrooms, a dining salon, ballroom, sun parlor, reception room, locker rooms, and a large outdoor terrace. Outdoor facilities included two 18-hole golf courses, a swimming pool, boating dock, riding stables, and tennis courts. The club faltered in the stock market crash of 1929. It remained open but in receivership for several years until it was eventually sold and the property subdivided.