The Team

We are a team of visionaries and realists, dreamers and doers, writers and photographers, caregivers, leaders, and trailblazers. Together, with our community, we aim to preserve and protect this beautiful land and magnificent building so that it may be enjoyed by generations to come.


Erin McElroyRelations & Development Director

815.455.8000 ext 102

Kate WeeksWinter Fest Specialist

815.455.8000 ext 110

Katie BobrowCommunity Engagement Specialist

815.455.8000 ext 110

Brittany Niequist

Community Engagement Specialist

815.455.8000 ext 110

Dennis BarszczBuilding & Grounds Manager

815.455.8000 ext 101

Patti NobleMusic at The Dole Specialist

815.455.8000 ext 110


Patty Bell

Marketing Manager & Galleries

815.455.8000 ext 106

Mike Amoroso

Maintenance Associate

815.455.8000 ext 101

Lakeside Legacy Foundation Board of Directors 2021

Lakeside Legacy Foundation is advised by a dedicated group of leaders.


Patricia L. Lutz


Jay C LeCoque

Vice President

Murray Crabtree


Kathleen Woolley


Ron Russell

Past President (2018)



John Tyrrell


Bob Fleck



Chip Whitman

Marty Moister



If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents as a board member or on a committee, contact Erin McElroy, Relations & Development Director, at or by calling 815.455.8000