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In this unprecedented time, no one is immune to the devastating effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our society. Like all arts and entertainment venues, The Dole has had to close its doors due to the stay-at-home order; canceling all events and programming indefinitely. The Dole connects people with arts and history in McHenry County and we need the financial support of family, friends, neighbors, and loyal supporters like you to help see us through this crisis.

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Your donation to the $20 FOR 2020 Campaign will help The Dole recover months of lost revenue that is necessary for us to continue to influence the way people experience the arts. The arts help us cope during the hard times and rejoice during the good times. When the “all clear” is given and we can safely re-enter society, The Dole will be ready to welcome you back with arts experiences you have come to appreciate and enjoy.

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Did You Know…

Nearly two decades ago the Lakeside Legacy Foundation was established as a 501c(3) non-profit organization entrusted to preserve and protect the historic integrity of The Dole Mansion; keeping it open for the public to enjoy.

  • 1865, the mansion was originally used as a summer home for Chicago businessman and wheat grain manufacturer, Charles S. Dole and his family.
  • 1922, the property was purchased by Mrs. Lou Ringling, the widow of Al Ringling, the oldest brother of the famous circus family. She built the adjoining annex and opened the first country club and 18-hole golf course in Crystal Lake.
  • 1944, the Franciscan Order of Lake Forest purchased the property and converted it into St. Mary Minor School for Boys.
  • In the mid-1970s, the property was sold to the First Congregational Church and the facility became known as Lakeside Center. Thousands of volunteer hours were used to renovate the annex to make way for a community center, meeting rooms, church offices, and the Friendship House Day Care Center for Children.

Today the property is known as The Dole.

  • The mansion is deemed a historic landmark and is a valued treasure to the community and citizens of Crystal Lake.
  • The annex now serves as an arts center and features an art gallery, a professional chef’s kitchen, and an intimate 150-seat music venue.
  • The former offices and meeting rooms on the garden level and second and third floors are now resident artist studios and home to photographers, painters, musicians, writers, and artisans.
  • Both the mansion and the annex host monthly art events, community gatherings, weddings, concerts, and so much more!


THANK YOU for supporting The Dole.